Teaching Kids About Global Warming

Published: 09th June 2010
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Global Warming for Kids

What better way than to show by example?. By influencing them earlier on, it will become a part of their habit.

Remember to use simple words as I have here and not overcomplicated words so that they can understand. The next part in helping to teach global warming for kids is to help remind them about what they can do to make a difference by turning off your lights in your room when you leave.

Repetition is the master or skill so is repetition the mother of habits. So repeated example shown to kids will lead them to repeatedly model what you do. And soon turning off lights in their room when they are not using it will become natural to them. I believe this method of slowly guiding your child about global warming..

As it is with lights, you may want to explain to them about other appliances in the house. You could start with refrigerator. Teach them to keep the refrigerator door closed whenever they're done with it and to not keep the door open any longer than needed. Then you could go on to explain how electricity is used in refrigerator to keep it cold. Not closing the door properly will cause the cold air to leak out, thus the refrigerator to becomes less cold .

Explain that heat is generated at the same time as electricity and this makes the Earth hot. Again, use simple words so that they understand what you're telling them.

Another helpful topic on teaching global warming for kids by example would be about water usage. Teach them how turning off the tap water while brushing their teeth helps save water. Explain to them how it takes up a lot of energy to bring in water into the house as energy is used to make the water clean and warm. This energy usage will makes the Earth hotter.

You should do the same for yourself by turning off the water when brushing your teeth as you want to be a role model for the kids.

There are other related topics you can teach - such as recycling. Try to teach your kids to recycle all the aluminium cans, glass bottles and paper. Show them how the process of recycling works and get them to make their own recycled paper. It's fun and engaging - what kids loves best.

There are, of course, other things you can teach your kids about global warming. It's a huge topic, after all.

You can encourage them to grow plants or participate in tree growing activities or events. .

Encourage your kids to use public transportations whenever possible. Every little bit helps!

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